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About us

At Beltek Industrial Surplus, we sell an extremely diverse selection of items from multiple industries. These industries include, but are not limited to automation, food & beverage, and manufacturing. We pride ourselves on researching the products and industries that we deal with but also in helping to educate customers about our products. We are a company that thrives on communication and encourage our customers to contact us with any questions that they may have.


Our Method:

Our Acquisition team finds unwanted surplus, both at home and abroad, and buys it for an agreeable rate. We then categorize it in our inventory, find customers that may find a purpose for it, and market to them for a discounted rate. The role we play in the business world at large enables us to conserve and repurpose valuable equipment which might otherwise be treated as waste. This business model also places us in the unique position of being able to serve two types of client at the same time.


Our Location:

We conduct most of our business at our location on 1500 River Drive, Suite 204-A in Belmont North Carolina, and we encourage all packages to be shipped here. We will ship packages under 250 pounds to our customers. Shipping cost and arrangement for products requiring freight shipping are the sole responsibility of the customer.


Our team:

John Abernathy, CEO and President.  John is the founder of Beltek Industrial Surplus. Calling upon 30 years of experience in multiple industries,  with 15 of those in the business of surplus.  John is the driving force behind Beltek Industrial Surplus’s acquisition team.  Our Online Marking team is led by John's son, Sam Abernathy. Our online marketing team serves to help Beltek Industrial Surplus expand its visibility online and correspond with customers’ questions.