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Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery

Within one business day of ordering, we will have the product in the hands of our primary carrier(UPS). While we offer multiple shipping services, the time it takes for the order to arrive is highly variable. A tracking number will be emailed to the customer upon shipment. In the event of an item being bought that requires freight shipping, we will be in contact with the buyer in order to arrange that.

Returns & Replacements

We recognize that in our business we may come into the possession of faulty products and be unable to test them to the full capabilities that our customers will use them for. Therefore, we offer a 2-week refund or replace policy. We will pay for the shipping necessary to accomplish whichever option our customer chooses. We will also not charge a restocking fee.


Orders will be processed within one business day and the buyer will be emailed with a receipt of their purchase promptly. Any questions about orders should be directed to help@beltekllc.com. In the event of an order being placed for an item that is incorrectly listed as in-stock, a refund will be issued immediately with notification to the buyer.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

We allow the option to pay directly through our website using PayPal’s embedded API, alternatively customers can pay using their PayPal account. Cash is both allowed and encouraged for local pickup. Checks are discouraged for new customers but may be acceptable for frequent customers; we retain the right to deny business to customers who are only able to pay through checks.

Our pricing methodology for our items is in line with industry standard practices and may be subject to change as well as discounts on an order-by-order basis. We respond to haggling as long as the offer presented is fair.

Promotions are recognized by us only when they are invoked within before their expiration and within any other constraints that may be attached to them.

Updating Account Information

Customers are free to change any information on their profile at their leisure as long as values do no conflict i.e. two accounts can’t use the same email address.